Come and explore our Winter Collection. It is Unconventional yet Practical and super easy to wear.

Jellicoe offers an alternative to most fashion out there and is for women bored with looking like everyone else.

This winter collection is about timeless freshness and not short-term fashion.

It includes pieces which have fabric designed by Deeanne Hobbs personally and has her design approach of free expression and originality all over it.

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Sometimes we Jellicoe girls just have to take time out from our crazy schedule to breathe the country air and do something completely different.

You will know from some of my designs that I ADORE flowers and I couldn't give up the opportunity of helping our friends at Korere Peonies harvest their beautiful flowers.

You can be assured that my design head was spinning as I gazed into the depths of those glorious blooms and who knows what will eventuate design-wise. Watch this space!! - Deanne

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